A Team with Diversity and Experience

The Bellamy Genn Group is led by Managing Partner and Founder Lorenzo Bellamy, Esq. and Partner Gil Genn, Esq. Bellamy Genn is a majority-minority owned firm with diversity across all demographic and socio-economic backgrounds.

The team’s diversity, experience and reputation enables Bellamy Genn to diligently analyze and distill the best strategy to ensure success for all our clients.

Bellamy Genn is a firm with an innovative, resolute and personalized approach to work intimately and collaboratively with clients to establish a successful risk mitigation strategy.

Bellamy Genn understands the interplay of policy and the unique needs and backgrounds of its clients. Bellamy Genn has earned genuine respect and recognition from all levels of government and the legal community. Integrity and an even-handed treatment under the law, guides the Bellamy Genn internal compass and touchstone.