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Mission Statement

As a highly- respected, awarded, socially and politically diverse successful lobbying firm, we cherish these core values and beliefs.

  • To always treat our clients as more than just dollars.
  • To always treat legislators as more than just votes.
  • To always treat our opponents with civility.
  • To truly believe in the issues for which we advocate.
  • To always know more about your business than anyone else – except you!
  • To act with unchallenged integrity and ethical conduct in all our pursuits.
  • To keep a balanced set of priorities — value what’s really important — family and friends.

Every day, we will always bring our indefatigable energy and extensive federal and state experience to be the best advocates for your immediate and long-term agenda.

6 Reasons We will be Your Best Advocates

We love what we do and believe in the issues for which we advocate.  We are passionate about being lobbyists.  We are each uniquely suited to lobby because of an array of diverse attributes we each possess with a common goal — your best interests.  Every day we are excited to go to work for our clients.  We have a real stake in the results we seek and the results we produce.

As long-time experienced attorneys, former legislator, and an executive branch professional, we have extensive bi-partisan collegiality providing you with the immediate access to the critical decision-makers you need.

Our mutual goal is to eliminate those situations where you are forced into a “bet the company” legislative or regulatory gamble and to increase the odds for a positive resolution.

Success depends on how your front-line legislative team responds in a crisis:  knowing what the competition is doing, flexibility in revising strategy, authoring or defeating last minute amendments, synthesizing new facts, squelching rumors, and even tracking who’s moving in and out of the Leadership and Committee Chair’s offices.

The key to legislative success is to do extensive preparation and early groundwork, particularly with the Governor, Cabinet and key Legislative Leaders at the State and the White House, and Congress at the federal level.  The ability to keep our finger on the pulse of this lawmaking body is “value added” and can often inspire a quickly-crafted strategy that inures directly to your benefit.  The difference is in anticipating the glitches and being pro-active rather than reactive.  We continuously track and sweat the details and by working closely with you, we never lose sight of the big picture.

Our team really knows the legislators, some on a very personal level at the Federal and State level. The diversity of our backgrounds reflects the diverse composition of Congress and the Maryland General Assembly. We are in touch with their needs and interests and those of their staff during the session and in the interim.  We know that is why we have such a strong record of bipartisan support and proven accomplishments.

We respect the rule of law, integrity and ethical conduct in all legislative, regulatory and legal affairs.  Our reputations are our uncompromised investment in our credibility and integrity.  It is our calling card.  We would never jeopardize our reputations or yours.

Our team has over 50 years of combined government relations expertise. You will have on your team a former member of the Legislature and U.S Senate Staffer who is battle-tested and has personally and successfully used the Senate and House Rules and procedural nuances in the legislative debates on the floor and committee rooms.  We have extensive hands-on experience in drafting legislation and fashioning creative amendments on the fly.

Your voice will be heard from experienced attorney advocates who have developed close personal legislative friendships, bipartisan respect, interpersonal skills and substantive knowledge to coordinate immediate responses to give you all the advantages to succeed.

We will provide you with up to the minute legislative analysis of the bills you are tracking as well as legislative hearings, regulatory actions, Task Force meetings and Legislative Policy Conferences during the interim legislative periods.

Complimentary to our local efforts, our continued involvement and attendance at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Council of State Governments (CSG), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the National Governor’s Association (NGA), the Republican and Democratic Governor’s Associations (RGA, DGA), and other similarly situated organizations of Mayor’s, Attorney’s General, and other state and national organizations providing us with a larger platform to represent and understand your interests.

Our successful and proven federal public law experience is a great advantage to our state clients allowing us to address quickly federal bills and regulatory actions that will impact your organization and its future position at the state level as well.

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