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February 10, 2021 News of the Day

State and Local News

Maryland House Of Delegates Override Hogan’s Veto Of Measure To Boost School Funding:

Scott: ‘We need to allow local health departments to be the lead’:

Following Raskin’s Emotional Argument, Senate Declares Trump Trial Constitutional:

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott To Launch Program For Guaranteed Monthly Income To Some Low-Income Families:

Maryland Bill Would Allow Therapy Dogs In Schools:

Baltimore County approved for $24.7 million federal grant to prevent evictions:

Jones’ Sweeping Police Workgroup Bill Receives Criticism From the ACLU:

Proposal Would Change How Some Counties Elect Commissioners:

Senate Upholds Hogan’s Veto on Chlorpyrifos Ban:

Del. Reznik: Everyone for Themselves in the State’s Vaccine ‘Thunderdome’:

Maryland counties face common COVID vaccine complication: people trying to cut in line by sharing links:

Baltimore councilman criticizes health department for reallocating doses to partners, including 3,500 to Mercy:

‘Ugly’: The Baltimore budget director’s word for the city’s financial outlook amid the coronavirus pandemic:

Federal News

Trump was quite displeased with his defense team:

GOP castigates ‘terrible job’ by Trump legal team:

Impeachment managers to show never-before-seen footage of Capitol attack:

Chicago Teachers Union approves deal to reopen schools:

Democrats eye big ACA changes in COVID relief bill:

Dozens of states see new voter suppression proposals:

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