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February 3, 2021 News of the Day

State and Local News

Gov. Larry Hogans Calls For New FBI Headquarters To Be Built In Maryland:

Peter Franchot: Why Hogan’s COVID Relief Proposal Isn’t Enough:

Disability Rights Groups Seek Equal Access to Ballot through Voting Machine Bill, Lawsuit:

Maryland leaders urge General Assembly to override veto of legislation that would fund state prescription drug board:

Baltimore health officials blame overbooking as people are turned away from city’s vaccination site:

Baltimore mayor calls on Maryland to schedule more vaccine appointments for city residents:

Lawmakers Push to Replace School Police with Counselors:

News from the House: Luedtke to Rebut Hogan, Howard to Lead GOP Business Outreach:

Business, Civic Leaders Write to Legislative Leaders Urging Override of Education Reform Veto:

Amid shortage, Maryland acting health secretary says COVID vaccine providers should conserve second doses:

Montgomery Council Considers Bill to Establish Revenue Estimating Group:

Federal News

Pot stocks boom as industry sees prohibition ending:

Young and middle-aged adults responsible for most COVID spread:

Schiff lobbying Newsom to be California’s next AG:

Sanders amasses budget arsenal to enact $15 minimum wage:

One of Biden’s biggest problems in his first 100 days comes from an unlikely place:

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