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July 7, 2021 News of the Day

State and Local News

Hogan Announces Funding Program To Reduce Maternal Mortality:

Former Delegate Running for Harford County Senate Seat:

Cox, Pro-Trump Delegate, Launches Gubernatorial Bid with Call for Election “Audit”:

Judge Schedules Hearing that Could Further Extend Unemployment Benefits, Franchot and Workers Decry Hogan’s Moves:

Democratic Lawmakers Optimistic as Court of Appeals Declines to Hear Unemployment Case:

As Hogan Seeks ‘Re-Vote’ on Highway Project, Counties Make Changes At Regional Planning Board:

As COVID pandemic abates, Maryland officials grapple with when and how to face the public again:

Maryland gubernatorial primary could be the most expensive in state’s history:

Sen. Rosapepe says ‘raise your wages’ to business owners citing unemployment as to why they can’t find workers:

Federal News

Democrats’ new police playbook:

America is hitting its vaccination ceiling:

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse assassinated, official says:

America’s deepening drinking habit:

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