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March 8, 2021 News of the Day

State and Local News

Advocates Call On Lawmakers To Pass Robust Protections for Homeowners:

Md. liquor bills hit roadblocks in the House:

U.S. Senate Passes Coronavirus Relief Aid; Bill Now Returns to the House:

Equity, Opportunity and the Return on Investment of a College Education:

Senate Panel Votes Down Republican Attempt to Get More Say Over Committee Assignments:

House Panel Expands and Approves Sports Gambling Bill:

Md. Senate Begins Discussions on Sweeping Climate Bill:

House Passes Bill That Would Allow Permanent Absentee Voting:

Here’s what to know about the stimulus bill and where the $1.9 trillion is going:

Families of Marylanders killed by police rally for reform as George Floyd trial looms:

Schrader’s nomination as Md. health secretary still in peril:

$1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan: State and Local Effects:

Federal News

Japan’s prime minister first to visit White House:

America rebalances its post-Trump news diet:

Why migrants are fleeing their homes for the U.S.:

Cities’ pandemic struggle to balance homelessness and public safety:

Biden team plots the country’s first national Covid testing strategy:

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