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Special Report: Bellamy Genn Group 2020 Election Results


Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris appear to be leading in ballots cast Tuesday and counted early Wednesday morning in the critical battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin. It is possible that Biden could even win the 270 needed Electoral College votes to become President without winning Pennsylvania. He is currently leading in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada.

This race will be determined by the Trump legal challenges and whether the U.S. Supreme Court will intervene to end the counting as it did in Bush v. Gore. There are differences between 2000 in Florida when the question was how vote counts are conducted and the issue here, how ballots legally cast by election day under state laws are counted.

Additionally, in Bush v. Gore, the court declared that the case has no precedential value and “our consideration is limited to the present circumstances.” Notwithstanding, Associate Justice Kavanaugh did cite the Bush v. Gore case in recently deciding to not extend the Wisconsin deadline to count absentee ballots.

Trump has built a 500,000+ vote advantage in PA with strong election day turnout. But over 1.4 Million ballots remain to be counted in the Democratic strongholds of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and their surrounding suburbs. This is the vote that Trump would like to deny by appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court and Biden hopes these votes will cut into Trump’s margin.


The Senate remains in Republican Control with Mitch McConnell as the Majority Leader. The Democrats to date have only a net increase of two of the four seats needed to take control of the Senate. This will be a drastic check on any Biden agenda if Biden is declared the winner. If Trump wins, McConnell will be able to continue his sole mantra for the Federal Courts to ‘leave no seat unfilled.’ As a result of the Democrats to take the Senate, Maryland Incumbent Senators Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen have likely lost opportunities to be Chairman and other leadership positions in the Senate.

ALABAMA – Former Alabama Football Coach Tommy Tuberville (R) defeated the Incumbent Doug Jones (D) taking back a seat for the Republicans.

ARIZONA – Martha McSally (R) is losing substantially to Astronaut Mark Kelly (D) husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. The race has not been called as a flipped seat to the Democrats.

COLORADO – Incumbent Cory Gardner (R) lost to Governor and former Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper (D). This is a pick-up for the Democrats.

GEORGIA – Incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R) has been forced into a January runoff with Reverend Raphael Warnoch (D) as no one cleared the 50% threshold under Georgia law. This will be a tough race for Warnoch to win in January one-on-one, rather than the 21 people who ran this time to force the runoff.

In the second Georgia Senate Seat Race, Incumbent David Perdue (R) is leading Democratic Challenger Jon Ossoff (D) with 50.8% of the vote and has cleared the required threshold to avoid a runoff and is likely to retain his seat.

IOWA – Incumbent Joni Ernst (R) turned back a challenge from Theresa Greenfield (D).

MAINE – Incumbent Susan Collins (R) appears to have retained her seat over Sara Gideon (D), Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. Collins was a top Democratic target.

MICHIGAN – Incumbent Gary Peters (D) is losing by 30,000 votes with 96% of the vote in against John James (R). James is trying to be Michigan’s First African American Senator and the first time since Civil War Reconstruction there could be two African American Republican Senators; Tim Scott (R) and John James (R).

MONTANA – Incumbent Steve Daines (R) has prevailed over the former Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D).

NORTH CAROLINA – Incumbent Thom Tillis (R) leads Cal Cunningham (D) by 75,000 votes with 95% of the vote in and appears to have retained his seat.

SOUTH CAROLINA – Incumbent Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R) turned back a spirited Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison. Harrison set national records in fundraising for a U.S. Senate seat. The former Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party may turn his sights on Senator Tim Scott (R) next time.


As of this moment, it appears the Republicans may have picked up 6 Seats in the House but the Democrats will maintain control. There are a substantial numbers of ballots that are still out and a final count in the House won’t be known for several days. The Republicans are encouraged by this result because pundits thought the Democrats could be poised to pick up 10 or more seats.

Two Democratic casualties include 30-year Veteran Incumbent Collin Petersen (D-MN) and outspoken Military Veteran Max Rose (D-NY). All Maryland incumbents prevailed in their Congressional races and will return to Congress.

Baltimore City Elections

In Baltimore City, Democratic candidates for mayor and City Council president, Council President Brandon M. Scott, and Delegate Nick Mosby won by wide margins. Comptroller candidate Councilman Bill Henry was running unopposed. To learn more about the results in Baltimore City, visit:

For Baltimore City Council races, the only competitive race was in District 12 and incumbent Robert Stokes won re-election.

Here are the winners in the Baltimore City Council elections. All are Democrats and * denotes incumbent:

District 1 — Zeke Cohen*

District 2 — Danielle McCray*

District 3 — Ryan Dorsey*

District 4 — Mark Conway

District 5 — Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer*

District 6 — Sharon Green Middleton*

District 7 — James Torrence

District 8 — Kristerfer Burnett*

District 9 — John T. Bullock*

District 10 — Phylicia Porter

District 11 — Eric Costello*

District 12 — Robert Stokes Sr.* 

District 13 — Antonio Glover

District 14 — Odette Ramos

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