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January 18, 2021 News of the Day

State and Local News

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., 1942-2021:

‘He Was Capable of the Full Range of Human Emotion and Persuasive Skills and Tactics’:

Senate Overrides 16 Hogan Vetoes From Last Year:

Montgomery County School Superintendent Jack Smith Will Retire in June:

Hogan Declares State of Emergency for Presidential Inauguration:

Counties Back Bill to Promote Development of New Markets for Recycling:

Biden’s Relief Plan Includes $350 Billion In Critical Aid for State and Local Govts:

St. Mary’s Approves Broadband Action Plan:

State set to settle with Jordan McNair’s family for $3.5M:

Focus on helping communities from the statehouse:

Hogan announces $30M in emergency relief for music and entertainment venues:

Visible police presence, but no protest reported Sunday morning in Annapolis:

Federal News

Impeachment managers: Trial is referendum on Trump ever holding office again:

Inauguration ceremony will be held outside Capitol, Biden spokesperson says:

Biden plans dozens of executive orders for early days of presidency:

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse: QAnon is destroying the Republican Party:

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